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Success Coach ~ EFT Tapping Expert ~ Law of Attraction Specialist


Wow, we live in an exciting time. Never before has it been so easy to eliminate stressful thoughts, feelings and emotions standing in your way and preventing your success.

Literally, at your fingertips, you can release the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs draining your energy and triggering stuckness and procrastination.

You can activate and instill the empowering traits, characteristics, behaviors and actions that support you in your life and in your career.

One of the best and most effective techniques I have ever found for reducing stress is EFT Meridian Tapping. Strange but true, by tapping on just 9 energy meridian points on your body, you can quickly change your mood and attitude.

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“Kathy, Just a quick note of thanks and gratitude for your scripts I have ordered. After listening to your audio on stress a big wave of relief engulfed me. Thanks so much." Kevin



Dear Kathy,

Thank you. thank you , thank you.

I have been using your free mp3 stress relief download a lot. It has helped me in many situations from releasing tension with my teenage son (really lovely son, but rebellious and think they know it all), to a visit to the dentist.

With much appreciation and thanks,




EFT Meridian Tapping for Stress Relief Session (audio & written script)

This session is designed to give you a self-help tool you can use on a regular basis to support yourself in managing your stress level.

Your Written Script & Audio Session includes...

 2 Energy Shifting EFT Tapping Sequences

 A Sequence of Supporting Affirmations

 A Diagram of the EFT Meridian Points

 Coaching Tips and Questions to help you manage your stress level


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