“You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks’.”  
Florence Scovel Shinn


Affirmations and positive self-talk along with visualization are powerful ways to program your mind for success.

Affirmations are typically written statements affirming who you want to be or what you want to have and are stated in the present tense: “I am…”, “I have…”.

It is suggested that affirmations and positive self-talk be repeated on a regular basis in order to help program your mind for success. Sometimes affirmations and positive self-talk work miraculously and sometimes one has so much conscious, or often subconscious, resistance to achieving their goal that the affirmation has little to no effect.

Negative beliefs about yourself, such as “I’m not good enough”, or fear around success or failure may be strong enough to block your attempts to program yourself for success. EFT Meridian Tapping is one of the best processes for eliminating any resistance you have standing in your way. (Contact me today to set up a no-cost 30-minute “Expose My Blocks to Success” Evaluation Session if you need help clearing out negative self-talk, beliefs or unnecessary fear.)

As you create affirmations, listen to any voice of objection that pops up…“That’s not going to happen”, “It won’t be easy.” “You’ll never achieve that goal.” This is great information that should not be ignored since this is the real affirmation that you presently believe or have in place.


Start creating some positive affirmations pertaining to your focused goal that you recite daily to program your conscious and subconscious mind toward success. Be sure to look for any obvious or subtle resistance you have to achieving your goals. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

·    Positively Phrased Affirmations & Self-Talk

Your affirmations need to be stated in a positive way. State what you are going to do or achieve. Do not use words such as no, not, don’t, won’t or never. You want to have phrasing that moves you forward rather than wording that is resisting or pushing against anything.

I am taking positive action towards my goal today.
Not, I am no longer procrastinating on taking action.

I am choosing healthy foods everyday.
Not, I am not eating fattening foods any more.

·    Emotion Provoking Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk

Your affirmations and positive self-talk should make you feel wonderful. Use feeling words such as quickly, easily, effortlessly, smoothly, miraculously, magically, confidently, etc.

Use words that are fun and good feeling to you. If you can’t feel it, the affirmation probably won’t work for you.

I am amazed at how smoothly and effortlessly it has been to take action today.
The actions I am confidently taking are making my success so easy.

I am quickly and easily losing 5 pounds.
Five pounds are miraculously disappearing from my body.

·    Present Tense Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk

The subconscious mind does not understand past or future. It operates only in the here and now. When you craft your affirmations or positive self-talk,  you must use wording as if your goals are already attained: “I am…”, “I have…”.

I am on the road to success.
I have 3 new clients.

I am 5 pounds lighter.
I have the perfect weight release recipes at my fingertips.

·    Personal Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk

It is alright to use generic affirmations at the beginning, but the more personal you can make your positive self-talk, the quicker you will see results. Your affirmations should sound and feel amazing, uplifting and inspiring. Listen to that little voice that speaks to you and incorporate words that dazzle you, or, as Florence Scovel Shinn says, ‘click’ for you. Personal affirmations are more powerful!

Money love me! I am dancing all the way to the bank.
I have success written all over me.

Those 5 pounds just melt away.
I love healthy, delicious and nutritious food.

“An affirmation works if its message is believable to you, and you value the message and put emotional content and feeling in it when you repeat it.” Jerry Brickner

Other Tips

  • Create affirmations that rhyme. These are fun to craft and easy to recall.

One of my favorites:
I have plenty of time, I get everything done.
I have plenty of money, my life is all fun.

  • Create reasonable affirmations. It is highly unlikely that you will make yourself taller, shorter or able to fly on your own.
  • Catch any negative self-talk that you engage in and immediately have a positive affirmation to substitute in its place. “I can’t do that” becomes “I am going to find a way to…”.
  • Be persistent with your affirmations and positive self-talk. You may have some big-time resistance to some of the goals you have set for yourself. If something isn’t manifesting easily, explore what might be blocking you from success.

I would love to help support you in releasing any resistance you discover that is blocking your success. Contact me today!

Please share your favorite affirmations or success stories using affirmations and positive self-talk.


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