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Chakra Clearing with EFT Meridian Tapping eBook 

When I first began working with EFT, I experimented with using the process to clear and balance my chakras. Every time I went through this series of EFT sessions, I was left feeling lighter, freer, and more balanced. I have used this series of Chakra Clearing sessions with one-on-one clients and in groups with wonderful results.

“The chakras reveal how you history plays into current symptoms. By clearing chakras that are still locked into the energies of your past, you can give your entire energy system a boost,…” Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

This series is great to use once a month or once every season to keep yourself balanced. You can also use each individual session to help you address the specific issues associated with each chakra.  This series includes chakra clearing sessions for:

• Root chakra – safety, security, foundation, feeling grounded

• Sacral chakra – emotional identity, creativity, relationships

• Solar plexus – personal identity, personal power, self-esteem, influence, authority

• Heart chakra – love, unconditional love, caring, compassion, sharing

• Throat chakra – self-expression, communication, confidence, speaking up, speaking your truth

• Third eye – inner vision, intuition, insight, imagination

• Crown chakra – unity, understanding, divine wisdom, universal consciousness, enlightenment

“Chakra work leaves people feeling more centered and grounded, revs up their energies, and aligns them with a deep part of themselves.” Donna Eden

The Chakra Clearing with EFT program is a 37-page PDF eBook.
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Chakra Clearing with EFT Meridian Tapping eBook
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Chakra Clearing with EFT Meridian Tapping — 2 Comments

  1. Patricia Zilles/ Reiki Master Practitioner on said:

    Kathy has demonstrated The Emotional Freedom Techniques to our monthly Reiki Circle Group. Some had never heard of it but after the tapping sessions and her introduction video we all were amazed at how quickly you feel the shift of energy. Tapping meridians before Reiki sessions accelerates relaxation and chakra balancing.

    Thank you very kindly Kathy for sharing your expertise in EFT with our group. Hopefully it could be part of our healing sessions.

    Pat Zilles

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