AngerIt is easy to feel angry when things do not go your way. Certain people have the ability to push your buttons and make you mad. Challenging issues and situations can leave you fuming. Even if your anger is justified, it doesn’t help any situation and actually prevents you from thinking clearly and effectively.

Anger and happiness are incompatible.

Next time you feel anger building, stop and ask yourself…Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

This EFT session is designed to help you release your anger and helps you to come back into a state of balance and relaxation. This session can be used for anger you are currently experiencing or anger left over from past situations.

Includes: 2 Energy Shifting EFT Sequences, a Sequence of Supporting Affirmations, a Diagram of the EFT Meridian Points and Coaching Tips to help you explore your reasons for the anger and tips to help release the anger before it gets out of hand.


2 Purchasing Options

1) Get the Written Script

A great option for printing out and tapping along as you read
through the session. This option gives you the freedom to change 
the wording as you go through the tapping session.

2) Choose the Audio Session and get the Script Free

A great option if you like to sit back, close your eyes and tap along as you 
are guided through the session, similar to working with a practitioner. 
This option also includes the same written script at no additional cost.

Written Script (11 pages) BookIcon
EFT Meridian Tapping for Releasing Anger - Script
Price: $7.00


Audio Session (16 min) + Script audiosm BookIcon
EFT Meridian Tapping for Releasing Anger - Script + Audio
Price: $12.00
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