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You might be grown up, but you should never stop having fun!

Have you forgotten how to have fun?

Are you too serious to have fun?

Maybe you think you don’t have time to have fun anymore?

Because fun is such an important ingredient to our health and well being, the last question I ask on my Client’s Coaching Call Prep Form is “What did you do for fun this week?” Sad, but true, too often clients have nothing to write down as an answer to that question. Their lives have become a giant to-do list with no time left for fun.

Has that happened to you?

Having fun is so beneficial. Fun lightens us up. It raises our vibration. It creates a sense of happiness and well-being. Fun makes us more fun to be around.

Fun has health benefits too. It is an effective way of coping with stress. Having fun boosts your immune system, helps you sleep better and improves your brain function. It also slows down aging and so much more.

If fun has been absent in your life for far too long, perhaps it is time to shift some priorities and move fun up to the top of your to-do list.

If you feel resistant to having fun or don’t think you have the time, use this EFT Meridian Tapping session to help you find the time to have fun and also to give yourself permission to have fun.

Tap on the Karate chop point (side of hand) and repeat…

Karate chop: Even though I have forgotten how to have fun, I choose to remember a time when I was having fun…no matter how long ago it was.

Even though I don’t know how to have fun anymore, I have the ability to remember what fun is and add fun back into my life.

Even though it feels like I don’t have enough time to have any fun anymore, that is probably not true and I choose to find it easy to add more fun into my life.

Eyebrow: I don’t know how to have fun anymore.

Side of Eye: I’ve forgotten how to have fun.

Under Eye: I don’t believe I have any time to have fun.

Nose: I have way too much to do and no time for fun.

Chin: I can barely remember having fun in the past.

Collarbone: I just don’t think I can have fun anymore.

Under Arm: There just isn’t time to have fun.

Head: Maybe that isn’t true. Maybe I could find the time.

 Continue tapping…

Eyebrow: I haven’t made fun a priority, maybe I could change that.

Side of Eye: I guess I could change and start having more fun now.

Under Eye: Maybe I could look for new ways to have some fun in my life.

Nose: Maybe it is time to have more fun in my life.

Chin: It would feel really good to have more fun.

Collarbone: I want to have fun. I deserve it.

Under Arm: I want to feel good and enjoy more fun in my life.

Head: I give myself permission to make fun a priority starting now.

Stop tapping. Take in a deep breath and release it out.

Check in with yourself and see if having more fun in your life feels doable, or did the tapping trigger any specific resistance that needs more tapping.

If you feel better about adding more fun, write down five to ten activities that you enjoy and are fun for you and see which ones you can incorporate into your life today or in the next week.

If you still feel resistant to adding more fun, get tapping and release that resistance.

You deserve to have more fun starting today!

Please share the fun things you love to do.


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