You can run around all day taking action, but it may be the wrong action. Taking inspired action based on your hunches, intuition and interesting sychronicities will often move you closer to your goal much faster.

Keep track of any and all inspired actions that arise around your focused goal or Beautiful business woman with idea light bulb above hand isolateany of the other goals you have on your master list.

It is easier to follow through on your actions when you take time to record these thoughts and ideas. How often have you forgotten to do something because it wasn’t written down somewhere?

Ideas flow to us at the times of least resistance, so keep paper with you at all times to insure that these ideas are not lost or forgotten. People often receive inspiration in the middle of the night, in the shower, driving in the car, mowing the grass or taking a walk.

Once you start focusing on your goal, all kinds coincidences and synchronisities will start to occur. You will run into someone who has information for you, you will find a web site that pertains to your goal, or you may feel like contacting someone who can help you.


· Pay attention to the thoughts, ideas and inspiration that come to you.

· Have a way to record your inspirations as you receive them. Use a notebook, carry post-it notes or use a voice recorder.

·  Follow through on these inspired actions. Inspiration without action is a lost opportunity.

Please share any success stories around how taking inspired action moved you closer to your goal.



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