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Your Preferred Season – A New Approach to Making Resolutions and Setting Goals

At the beginning of each year, lots of emphasis is placed on making resolutions and setting goals for the new year. As great as that sounds, statistics show most people don’t stick with their intentions long enough to see any real change. I believe some of the problem is that winter is not the best time to set goals.

At least for me, and I guess for a number of folks, the gloomy, colder and darker days of winter don’t evoke the necessary energy needed to create change. (Of course, if you are a winter lover and enjoy winter sports, this might be the perfect time for you to make resolutions and set goals.)

Since I love summer and have more energy this time of the year, this season is a better time for me to make changes that will actually stick.

During the warmer weather, it is easier for me to eat lighter and healthier, and really stick to my decisions to eat healthy. There are lots of farmer markets in the area with great selections of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In the winter with less energy and less resolution to eat right, it is easier to choose heavy foods, comfort foods and less than ideal foods that sabotage my intentions to eat well.

It is easier to get outside and exercise more in the summer. I love walking, riding my bike and golfing. In the winter, it is easier to roll over and stay coved up in bed longer than I need to. It is harder for me to work out because I don’t like to be cold and sweaty.

So, at least for me, I prefer to make changes in the summer, so by the time winter rolls around again, I have already anchored in the changes I want make.

If you haven’t been successful making resolutions stick or accomplishing your goals, think about the season that you prefer, and decide if that might be a better time for you to begin anchoring in the changes you desire.

If you prefer summer like me, June begins tomorrow and a perfect time to set new goals and intentions while your energy is high.

Enjoy this EFT Meridian Tapping tap-a-long script to create a helpful energy shift.Tap a long script

Tap on the karate chop point and repeat…

Even though I haven’t been successful making resolutions and setting goals, maybe the problem isn’t me, maybe it is the time of year that is the problem.

Even though I haven’t been successful making the changes I desire, I am going to consider that maybe I need to choose the time of year when I have the most energy to make the changes.

Even though I haven’t been successful in the past, I am ready to consider, that if I choose the season of the year that I love the most and have the most energy, maybe I can make the changes I desire and have them last.

Stop tapping there and move to the…

Eyebrow – Maybe the problem isn’t me. Maybe I haven’t picked the right time of year to set my goals and make the changes I need to.

Outside Eye – Maybe the problem isn’t me. Maybe by choosing the season that I love and prefer, that will give me the energy I need to create lasting change.

Under Eye – Maybe I have been going about this all wrong.

Under Nose – Maybe I can choose another approach.

Chin – Maybe I can choose the month, or the season of the year, that I love most and set my goals and actually accomplish them.

Collarbone – I feel more inspired now.

Under Arm – I believe this might be the missing piece I have been looking for.

Top of Head – At least it is worth a try. Nothing else is working. I am going to use the time of the year that I truly love, and gives me energy, to make my resolutions and set my goals, and see if that works.

Stop tapping and take a deep breath in and release it out.

I hope this new approach is just what you have been looking for. Much success to you.

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