Which of these statements sound like you?

“Every time I get ahead, I do something to sabotage my success.”

  “I work really hard, I am busy all the time and I never get ahead.”

  “I have great intentions and never get started. Procrastination is my middle name.”

Self-sabotage is an interesting occurrence.

Why would you want to undermine your own success in your business or career?

Why wouldn’t you do the things that would bring success, happiness and abundance into your life?

Self-sabotage has nothing to do with skill, knowledge, desire or effort on your part.

Sabotaging your success is due to bumping up against self-imposed barriers that limit how much success you can comfortably allow into your life. If something feels like it is too good to be true or success is coming too fast, or is beyond your comfort level, your subconscious mind kicks in and sabotages your success.

Your subconscious mind wants to…

• keep you safe

• keep you from getting hurt

• keep you from being disappointed

• keep you from “getting too big for your britches”

• keep you within your comfort zone

How does Self-sabotage show up in your life? (Which of these apply to you?)

• procrastination – all talk no action

• distracted – shining object syndrome

• lacking focus or focusing on the wrong things

• excessive worry and fear

• inability to make decisions

• excessive negative self-talk

• needing help and not asking for it

• destroying working relationships

• comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up

• manifesting distracting dramas and traumas

What emotions and feelings do you experience related to your self-sabotaging behavior?

• anger

• frustration

• annoyance

• feeling trapped

• feeling discouraged

• feeling tired

• lacking energy

• feeling like a fraud, a phony or inauthentic

This coaching program helps you address your pattern of self-sabotage and helps you feel comfortable allowing yourself to succeed in all areas of your life.

Success Failure SignDuring our time together we will address any of the signs and symptoms of Fear of Success that are holding you back and sabotaging your success.

• Fear of getting too big, too successful, so you are too busy.
Loss of personal free time.
Limited time with your family.
Less time for travel, sports, hobbies, etc.

• Fear of outshining others or showing others up.
Especially outshining family or close friends who aren’t doing as well as you.
Men often feel guilty making more money than their fathers.
Women often don’t want to outshine their husbands and tend to hold themselves back.

• Fear that you will accomplish all that you set out to, but you still won’t be happy, content, or satisfied once you reach your goal.

• A belief that no matter how much you are able to achieve or accomplish, it will never be enough.

• A limiting belief that deep down you are undeserving of good things happening to you.

• Fear of accomplishment and actually being recognized and honored.
Maybe you like the quiet life and don’t want too many demands on your time.
Or, you have witnessed celebrities and politicians being judged and scrutinized.

• Lack of belief in your own ability to sustain your progress.
Fear that you can’t keep up the success. It’s just a fluke.
Fear of self-destructing at any time.

• Fear of the responsibility that success brings.
Success tends to bring more responsibility, so you need to be comfortable with more responsibility.
If you business grows so much that you have to have employees that is more responsibility than running a home-based business on your own.

• Fear of being unable to stay motivated to do the mundane tasks.
At some point you may have to delegate tasks that you don’t like or distract you from your real work. That can bring up fear and resistance.

• Belief that there are others out there who are better than you.
You feel like you can’t/don’t measure up.
You feel like no matter what your success, there will still be others doing better so why bother. That may be true, but it shouldn’t stop you from your success.

During our coaching sessions, we will also address any issues related to Fear of Failure.

Which Fear of Failure signs and symptoms are you currently experiencing?

• Fear of looking stupid

• Fear of embarrassing yourself if you don‘t accomplish what you set out to do.

• Fear of making mistakes along the way. (Are you a perfectionist?)

• Fear of losing the approval of others

• Fear of being judged by others

• Feeling less than if you fail

• If you fail, you feel like you wasted your time, energy and probably money

• Fear of Failure shows up when you have failed before

Which negative behaviors related to the fear of success and fear of failure are you experiencing?

• Do you lack the effort to achieve goals you have set for yourself?

Do you lack motivation?
Do you give up before you even get going?
Are you a procrastinator?

• Do you have problems making decisions?

Have you become paralyzed and are afraid to make decisions?
Are you afraid to make a decision and have it be right and it leads to success, or have the decision be wrong and it lead to failure? Either way unable to make clear confident decisions.

• Are you experiencing an inability to solve problems? Fears, doubts and limiting beliefs create tension and stress. That tension and stress keeps you from thinking clearly and effectively, and prevents creative problem solving.

• Do you experience chronic underachievement?

You know in your heart that you should or could do more, but you are underachieving.

• Do you exhibit self-sabotaging behaviors?

Do you trip yourself up to make sure you do not obtain or sustain a certain level of success?
Do you choose to do just the opposite of what you need to do to be successful?
Do you consistently not following up with clients or customers?
Do you let yourself get distracted by the next great idea and don’t follow-through on the projects you have started?
Do you manifest unexpected and unwanted expense when you achieve financial success outside of your comfort zone?

One-on-One Coaching helps you uncover what is behind your self-sabotaging behavior. Are you ready?

6 Month Program Summary

Eliminate Fear

Fear of Change
Fear of the Unknown
Fear of Success
Fear of Failure
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Self-Promotion
Fear of Public Speaking

Neutralize Emotions


Support to…

Move out of your comfort zone
Make decisions
Take action
Stay motivate
Celebrate successes

Coaching Format

18 One-hour Coaching Sessions – 6-month program (3 sessions/mo) 

Email support between sessions

Bonus Material – EFT meridian tapping scripts and audios sessions

Fear of Change
Fear of the Unknown
Fear of Success
Fear of Failure
Fear of Self-Promotion
Fear of Rejection
Guilt about Success
Intimidated by Others
I Am Enough – I Am Good Enough
In the Flow
Feeling Worthy & Deserving
Feeling Bold & Courageous
Feeling Special & Unique

Investment – $240/mo for 6 months


Ask yourself…

How long have I had this problem?

How long do I want to continue sabotaging my success?

How much time, energy and money am I losing by having this problem?

Set up your 30-minute consultation to get your questions answered today!

“Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.” Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

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