If Life Isn’t Bringing You Joy, It Is Giving You Grief




Isn’t it time for you to take back your life and stop suffering from the mental, emotional, spiritual and, yes, even the physical pain from your past?

I am thrilled to share a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY that my good friend Jan Luther, an EFT Founding Master, has put together for you. (You may know Jan as The EGO Tamer® or The 60-Minute Miracle Coach.)

Listen to this 11-minute interview I did with Jan and she shares information about her upcoming programs.

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As you heard, Jan has the blueprint and she is ready to share the details with YOU!

Click here to use my private link.

Whether you are a practitioner or a first-time “tapper” you will gain great benefits and insights from a FREE VIDEO that Jan is offering.

In this video you’ll hear how actual clients go from “grief to giggles” in minutes and hours – not months and years!

The complimentary video introduces The 5 Aspects of Grief©. Through helping clients recover from past traumas, losses and unexpected changes, Jan has discovered that we all experience grief in our lives and that there are specific and unique aspects – beyond our senses – that consistently surface during the grieving process.

After years of testing her theory, Jan is confident that every practitioner, coach and grieving person will recognize that there are indeed predictable patterns and pathways that the mind travels through on the journey of grief.

Right now, by using my special  link , you’ll get FREE ACCESS to a 55-minute “Show & Tell” Training Video where Jan demonstrates her unique and inspired approach to Meridian Tapping.

“Someone doesn’t have to die for us to be grieving. Our children may be giving us grief. Our job, our health or our neighbor may be giving us grief. The 5 Aspects of Grief© formula will help us tap all of the primary story lines around every single challenge we face.” Jan Luther

 Download a free summary of The 5 Aspects of Grief: The5AspectsofGriefhandout1Last