Ear Tapping for Hearing Health

Ear Tapping 

This tapping exercise on the ears is said to stimulate and give rest to the inner ear. Keeping the ears healthy is important. Using this exercise on a regular basis can help ensure good hearing as you age.

The ears are in line with the pineal gland which is the center for spiritual awareness. This tapping exercise also stimulates the pineal gland and keeps it healthy.

I am amazed at how quickly I can clear or open my ears and head when they feel stuffy or clogged. I typically use this exercise several times throughout the day.

Here are the instructions:ear tapping

* Use your index fingers to fold over the flap of tissue on the front side of each ear canal.

* Press down until you seal the canals off.

* Next, use your middle fingers to tap on the fingernails of your index fingers.

It is suggested that one should tap slowly and rhythmically for 12 – 36 times.

I don’t usually count my taps, I just tap for a few seconds and feel the relief immediately.

The information I read also suggests repeating the exercise two more times for a total of three. I hardly ever do that and just repeat the exercise throughout the day as I mentioned.

There you have it, a quick energy shifting exercise that can be easily integrated into your day.

Let me know if you are already using this technique, or share your experience if you try this out.

FYI, I discovered this exercise and adapted this information from a book titled The Complete System of Self-Healing, Internal Exercises by Dr. Stephen T. Chang