The Gift of Laughter

The Gift of Laughter

As we close out 2014 and begin 2015, I invite you to think about how much laughter you experienced in your life this year. Did you experience a lot of laughter, or just a little? Did you seek out fun and laughable moments, or did you just leave it to chance? Laughter

Laughter is the “forgotten medicine”. Our lives are often so busy and our to-do lists so long that we leave very little time for laughter, if at all.

Action Challenge: Take some time to make a list of what made you laugh this year. Write down who made you laugh. Describe how the funny and laughable moments made you feel. Then, identify ways you can deliberately incorporate more laughter in your life in the coming year.

Even with our busy lives, it is so beneficial to set daily intentions to laugh out loud and make others laugh out loud. I encourage you to make it a habit to include laughter on a regular and consistent basis in 2015. Here are some of the benefits.

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