Open to Receive


Open to Receive
By Kathy Atkinson

Do you begin your day feeling energized and enthusiastic? Are you glad to be alive and anticipate a day of fun, or do you start out feeling grumpy, tired and out of sorts? Do you drag yourself through each day feeling as if you are not receiving the things you desire? Each new day brings us an opportunity to set our energetic tone for that day.

Managing your energy system is as important as eating on a regular basis, bathing, brushing your teeth and moving your body. We all have the ability to manage our mood and attitude. It is a decision we can make from moment to moment.

Here is a simple and effective exercise to help you set your energetic tone for the day.

Open to Receive

As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, stand tall and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms up in the air creating a V shape over your head. Look up to the sky and breathe deeply. Then declare to yourself and the Universe…I Am Open to Receive.

With your eyes open or closed…
Imagine you are an open channel through which flows whatever you desire.
Imagine that the Universe is ready and willing to bless you.
Feel all that you desire being funneled down to you.

Be as general or as specific as you like. If you want new clients or customers, state: I am open to receive a new client/customer today.

Other possible statements to use:

I am open to receive love today.

I am open to receive abundance today.

I am open to receive joy today.

I am open to receive laughter today.

I am open to receive fun today.

I am open to receive freedom today.

I am open to receive health today.

I am open to receive friendship today.

I am open to receive prosperity today.

I am open to receive ____________ today.

Always set your tone for the day by using this exercise first thing in the morning. I also encourage you to repeat this exercise throughout the day. Here are some ideal moments to use this process:

  • when you are out in nature
  • at sunrise or sunset
  • each time you are in front of a mirror
  • during the commercials on TV
  • while you are waiting at a traffic light
  • before you eat a meal
  • right before bed

You deserve to receive anything and everything you desire. Begin each day open to receive.

Action Challenge

If you feel like a victim of your circumstances and you are not happy with your life situation, I challenge you to take charge of your life. Use this simple exercise every morning for one month, and see what happens.

Tap-a-Long Video

Do you believe, or were you taught, that it is better to give than receive? Tap along with me and balance your energy between giving and receiving.