Resistance to Change – EFT Tapping Script

Resistance to Change
Well, we are several weeks into the new year. Have you already abandon your resolution or goal to lose weight, make more money, find a new job, or connect with the person of your dreams?

So often we have good intentions, but then we bump up against our resistance to change and nothing happens.

If you find yourself not taking action toward your resolution or goal, I invite you to use this tapping script to help release your resistance to change so you can move forward in 2016 and achieve all that you desire.

Rate Your Level of Resistance

Before you begin the tapping sequence, rate the level of resistance you are experiencing around making the necessary changes needed to achieve your desire.

Close your eyes and on a scale from 0 to 10 (0 being no resistance and 10 being extreme resistance) what number best represents your level of resistance? This is just a perceptive guess, so that you can have some way to tell if your level of resistance to change is going up, down or staying the same. Remember that number or write it down so you can refer to it after the first tapping sequence.

EFT Tapping Sequence for Resistance to Change

Begin tapping on the karate chop point and say out loud…

Even though I haven’t made the changes I desire to achieve my goal, I accept that I am resisting the changes and I am ready to release my resistance now.

Even though I am so resistant to changing that nothing is different, I choose to release the resistance, so I can move forward with ease.

Even though I have these goals and desires, my resistance to changing is so strong that I feel stuck. I am ready to get unstuck.

Eyebrow: I am resisting the changes I need to make.

Outside eye: I am so resistant to changing, that I feel stuck.

Under eye: Part of me doesn’t want to change.

Under nose: The part of me that doesn’t want to change is winning right now.

Chin: Maybe I am afraid to change.

Collarbone: Maybe the stubborn kid in me refuses to change.

Under arm: Whatever the resistance is, I am ready to let it go.

Top of head: I am ready to get unstuck.

Eyebrow: I am ready to change.

Outside eye: I am ready to move forward.

Under eye: Change doesn’t have to be scary.

Under nose: I don’t have to resist the changes I need to make.

Chin: I choose to feel comfortable changing now.

Collarbone: I choose to feel completely at ease with change now.

Under arm: I don’t know why I was resisting these changes.

Top of head: It feels completely doable to make the necessary changes now and achieve my desires.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Close your eyes and on a scale from 0 to 10, rate your level of resistance to change now? If you are not at a 0, feeling relaxed and ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal, then repeat the tapping sequences until you achieve the shift that you desire.

Coaching Tip – Know Your Why

Knowing specifically why you want to lose weight, make more money or find the relationship of your dreams helps to amp up your desire and helps to lessen your resistance.

  • Make a list of reasons why you want to achieve your goal. What is the payoff? What are the benefits?
  • Then, post your list in a place that you will see it several times a day as a reminder.


Please share your experience using this tapping sequence.


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