Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic

Try out these two ways to invoke the magic of mirror work.

I was thumbing through “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol recently. This book is a classic being published in 1948. One of the chapters in this book is titled, The Mirror Technique for Releasing the Subconscious. Mirror work is very useful for helping you manifest anything that you want.

 Mirror“Get the picture of what you want and keep telling yourself that you’re going to get it.” page 97

In order to manifest what you want, you must convince yourself that you really want what you desire and you really deserve to have what you desire. One way to do that is by looking deep into your eyes and declaring it so. I have summarized the steps to using the mirror technique outlined in the book below.

The Mirror Technique – page 107

  1. Stand in front of a mirror that you can see yourself from the waist up.
  2. Come to attention – stand fully erect, bring your heels together, pull in your stomach, keep your chest out and your head up.
  3. Breathe deeply three to four times until you feel a sense of power, strength, and determination.
  4. Look into the very depths of your eyes.
  5. Tell yourself that you are going to get what you want – name it aloud, so you can see your lips moving and you can hear the words uttered.
  6. Make a regular ritual of it, practice doing it at least twice a day, mornings and evenings.
  7. You can augment this by writing with soap on the face of the mirror any slogans or key words you wish, so long as they are the key to what you have previously visualized and want to see in reality. (I would also suggest using post-it notes.)

“Within a few days you will have developed a sense of confidence that you never realized you could build within yourself.” Page 108

Additional suggestions

  1. Keep a mirror on your desk and declare what you desire once every hour.
  2. Use the mirror in your car to declare what you desire at every stop light.
  3. Each time you use the restroom, shower or brush your teeth declare what you desire in the mirror.

Remember…Where your attention goes, energy flows, so keep your eyes on the prize.

EFT Meridian Tapping Mirror Work

Looking for a way to make your EFT tapping sessions more powerful and productive? Add mirror work.

Watching yourself in the mirror, as you are tapping on the various EFT meridian points, is an effective way to witness the subtle or dramatic changes taking place as your energy shifts. Here is a suggested way to use this technique.

  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror where you can see your full face or, even better, your whole body.
  • Choose a specific issue to work on. As you look at yourself in the mirror and contemplate your issue…

Notice your facial expressions.
Notice your body language.
Notice what happens to your posture.
Notice where you see muscle tension or tightness.
Notice what emotions you see.

  • Use EFT tapping to address the physical responses you have noted.


Even though my face is grimacing…
Even though my eyes are sad…
Even though I look tired…
Even though my shoulders are tense…
Even though my legs are trembling…

  • Watch yourself closely as you tap on the different EFT Meridian Tapping points and see if you witness the physical release, relaxation or transformation take place right before your eyes.
  • Repeat the process until you have achieved the shift in your energy system that you are looking for.

I encourage you to experiment with mirror work and see how it makes a magical difference in your life, and in your EFT tapping sessions.

Please share your comments, questions or success stories using these techniques.


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