What If There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With YOU? — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for your effort. Your idea got me going on an important issue with myself, but I do believe you jump far too ahead far too quickly with positive statements. Maybe this is just for myself, but I do think that the whole process takes much more time and tapping rounds and more indepth considerations than what is provided here. I had to stop and tap on my own as this was much too positive too quickly. It is maybe more of an issue for me than for some others. But thank you for the thought and the idea.

    • Yes, you are right Moira, the tapping does go quickly into the postitive. My intention was to give people ideas on what to tap on and some wording to use. Good that you were able to stop and go deeper with the tapping. Thanks for the feedback on your experience. It will be helpful to others.

  2. Kathy, this was great. I just finish do the tapping. I am always open to releasing, exposing self-limiting beliefs, and replacing them with something positive. Thanks

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